People from all walks of life need storage space. The need to store valuables cuts across economic and demographic boundaries. While demand for self-storage units has grown considerably over the last ten years, there has been little new development since the great recession. According to industry reports, there were 600 facilities completed in 2016, compared to the average of 2,100 facilities per year from 2000 to 2009. This dearth of new construction has benefited existing facilities which have seen occupancy and rent numbers at or near all-time highs. These market conditions have caused many industry veterans to proclaim that development should be a profitable strategy for years to come. With in-house site selection, development, and construction expertise, Diamond Point Development is uniquely positioned to move quickly and take advantage of opportunities capable of delivering above-market returns to our investors.

Diamond Point Development is actively seeking new sites or acquisitions of existing facilities in the southeast and northeast U.S. for future expansion.